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The Best of Brest Walking Tour


Experience another kind of France

A 2 hour walking tour to see the best of Brest on your feet

Brest, France’s westernmost (and rainiest) city, is wildly different from the classic charm you might expect from a French city. Due to its strategic position at the entrance of the English Channel, it was for a long time the subject of a tug of war between our neighbouring powers, first with the English and the French, and later with the Nazis and the Allied Forces. Vastly destroyed during World War II, the streets of Brest still shows the price it had to pay for its prime location at « The End of the World ». Let’s wander into history together.

From the Town Hall Plaza to the now famous urban cable cars (first one in France), we’ll be walking through Brest’s culture, past and present, and learning about its architecture, history and the funny ways of its colourful people. And because Brest’s people are the proudest Bretons you’ll find, I’ll teach you a thing or two about this fantastic celtic culture. At the end of the tour, you’ll have a better understanding of the city and the region, and some good addresses for crêpes too!

Foire aux questions

When ?

At 10 am, Monday to Saturday, you just need to book ahead.


In front of the Cinéma Multiplexe Liberté, located on the main square.

How to book?

To book a tour please contact me at, or fill the form below.

How to find me?

It’s easy! I’ll be carrying hulahoops on my back, which is pretty rare here, in Brest. Keep your eyes peeled!

Truly experience the city with a local guide


Let’s be frank, Brest might not have the classic beauty you’re expecting from a French city. Yes, it has been destroyed, but from the rubbles, something fantastic came out: a tight and festive community that loves its city… and its beer.


Ever wandered what this black and white flag floating everywhere around Brittany was? What is the story behind it? What is Brittany anyway? And why do Bretons think they’re different from the rest of France? Let’s find out!


No one can show you Brest’s subtle beauty better than a true local. Come with me, I can show you our best kept secrets, give you recommendations for restaurants and places to visit, and tell you anecdotes about my hometown.


More than just a tour around the city, it will be an interactive activity with pictures, music and little games, so you can really get Brest in its entirety. We’ll be walking pretty for 2 hours, pretty slow with lots of breaks, for about 3 km in total.


« This was probably one of the favorite tours on our cruise. Caroline did a great job of explaining who/what Brest is, their Celtic heritage, the resilience of the cities inhabitants. If you have a couple hours and really want to know what Brest is about I highly recommend this tour. » Richard, USA (groupe of 8 people, including kids) on Viator.

Who is the guide?

Caroline aka The Hoop Traveller, 30, an avid backpacker and entertainer with a keen interest for history. I spent a big part of this decade hanging out with people from everywhere. Plus, I might very well be the person who’s holding the world record for hulahooping in the most places. Learn more here!

How do I book it?

Book your tour on TripAdvisor now!

You can book the classic « Best of Brest » walking tour ahead of time on TripAdvisor for just €10 per person at the regular 10.30am start. Or organize your own private walking tour by picking the day, time and theme, either on TripAdvisor or by messaging me directly, so we can arrange every detail of your arrival in Brest.

Or show up unannounced!

It is not necessary to book ahead of time, you can just show up 15 minutes before the tour and hop on it. In this case, check the schedule to see if it’s been confirmed and bring some cash with you!
But as there is a minimum of 2 and a max of 25 people required to start this tour, so the priority will go to the people who made a reservation. So avoid any disappoint, book on TripAdvisor straight away!

Any questions?